Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today. Come and meet Sally the Smuggler to hear some pirate stories.



Maritime Museum

Living History at the Maritime Musuem starts on 3 May until 26 September.  Please note that dates and times may change at short notice please check with the site in advance if you wish to see a particular performance. 

Normal admission prices apply.  Jersey Heritage members go free.


Sally the Smuggler

Every Monday and Friday subject to availability 10am to 4pm

Meet Sally the Smuggler.  She’s definitely on the fiddle, but how and why?

She will try to distract you with tales of piracy, privateering, shipbuilding and the perils of cod and oyster fishing, but Sally has a loose tongue.

She might let slip where she stashes her stuff and why she has such an enormous skirt…as long as you keep it under your hat, jacket, petticoat…