Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today. History comes to life at the castle with something different to see almost every day, meet the Medieval man at arms, hear the tale of the Battle for Sark or tales or espionage and bravery from the 1700s.



Mont Orgueil Castle

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Please note that dates and times may change at short notice please check with the castle in advance if you wish to see a particular performance. 

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Castle Storyteller, Roger Burton

Mondays 10.30am to 1.30pm

Meet Roger in the Lower Ward to hear dramatic stories from the Castle’s chequered history

Medieval Man at Arms

Tuesdays 10am to 4pm

Master Gary, man at arms in the garrison, as he goes about his duties here at the King’s Castle in Gorey.   Find out about his daily duties and the equipment he must look after to ensure the King’s enemies are kept at a distance.

1214, The Battle for Sark

Wednesdays  10am to 4pm

In 1214,  a large garrison of soldiers set sail from Gorey Castle to fight for the freedom of Sark, which was under siege from Eustace the Monk and his Army. Hear the tale of what happened next with music accompaniment by Medieval Minstrel Cally Noel.

1794, La Correspondence

Thursdays - 10am to 4pm

By 1794, Vice Admiral Philippe D'Auvergne, Duc De Bouillon, was using Mont Orgueil Castle as a base from which he operated a spy network 'La Correspondence ' to spy on Napoleon and his Navy. He also commanded a flotilla based at Gorey.  Hear intriguing tales of espionage and extreme bravery with music from the 1700's by with Cally Noel

Medieval Archer and Leatherworker

Fridays - 10am to 4pm

Learn about medieval archery, weaponry & armour and the art of leatherworking

Medieval cures for Leprosy, warts and all using herbs from Gorey Castle

Sundays May 14 June 18 July 16 August 20 September 17- 10am to 4pm

Like all medieval communities, sadly some Jersey folk also suffered from Leprosy. There was a Leper house on Mont St Nicolas right opposite Gorey Castle, to which the King gave a donation. Herbs grown at the castle were used to make many cures, including a specially prepared tonic for Leprosy.
Hear tales of the time  and see Medieval cures being prepared from Herbs grown at the castle with Cally Noel.


The Medieval Companie of the Duke’s Leopards

21 May, 4 June, 22 July, 6 August, 3 September - 10am to 4pm

Venture into the 15th century to discover life with  the Medieval Companie of the Duke’s Leopards.  As you travel around the castle meet the ladies, servants and soldiers & learn about medieval trades such as wool spinning & candle making.  Find out about the bloody sieges and warfare, watch sword fighting. Experience the smells of 15th Century cooking and find out what people ate, or learn the art of calligraphy. These are just some of the things the Companie will introduce you to in this step back in time!


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