Meet the Goodwyf or Steward who look after the house of their master, come and spin a yarn or meet Laurens Hamptonne



Hamptonne Country Life Museum

Living History at Hamptonne starts on 4 April until 25 September. Please note that dates and times may change at short notice please check with the site in advance if you wish to see a particular performance. 

Normal admission prices apply.  Jersey Heritage members go free.

Meet the Goodwyf or Steward in the 17th century kitchen of Hamptonne House

Thursdays and Saturdays -  10am to 4pm

From June - Monday to Friday - 10am to 4pm

Meet the Goodwyf who looks after the house of her master, Monsieur Laurens Hamptonne in the year of 1649. She is very respectful of her employer, who is a well educated and important man, however this doesn’t prevent her from spreading the odd bit of gossip from the parish of St Lawrence! The Goodwyf will tell you all about Hamptonne’s royal connections and give you an insight into her day to day life, including cooking on the open fire, making soap and candles, and preparing herbal remedies and makeup.
The Goodwyf shares her duties with William, the Steward, who will regale you with tales of the agricultural life of Jersey’s yesteryear.



Wednesday 10am to 4pm

Welcome to the home of Laurens Hamptonne, Jurat of the Royal Court of Jersey

The year is 1660 and King Charles II has been restored throne, following the tumultuous events of the English Civil War. The King twice took refuge in Jersey, firstly as the Prince of Wales in 1646. Hamptonne’s unstinting dedication to His Majesty, then in the position of Vicomte (Viscount), has been rewarded with favours that conferred upon him a higher position in society, and secured the future of his estate by Royal Patent.

Laurens can often be found reading in his chamber, or sternly instructing his steward in housekeeping matters. Stories of his friendship with the King, who is rumoured to have stayed at Hamptonne, have spread far and wide. You’ll see that Laurens has become rather grand.


Spinning a Yarn and Knitting

Thursdays - 10am to 4pm

Come on a journey through spinning and knitting history. 


Victorian Blacksmith

Thursdays 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July, 1 August, 8 August,  10am to 4pm

Be captivated by the Victorian Blacksmith as he uses a 19th century hand-operated coke forge and hand tools to make small useful objects to give away as souvenirs.