Meet the Goodwyf or Steward who look after the house of their master, Monsieur Laurens Hamptonne in the year of 1649. You can also watch demonstrations in the crafts of lacemaking and bonnet making.



Hamptonne Country Life Museum

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Please note that dates and times may change at short notice please check with the site in advance if you wish to see a particular performance. 

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Meet the Goodwyf or Steward in the 17th century kitchen of Hamptonne House

Daily 10am to 4pm

Meet the Goodwyf who looks after the house of her master, Monsieur Laurens Hamptonne in the year of 1649. She is very respectful of her employer, who is a well educated and important man, however this doesn’t prevent her from spreading the odd bit of gossip from the parish of St Lawrence! The Goodwyf will tell you all about Hamptonne’s royal connections and give you an insight into her day to day life, including cooking on the open fire, making soap and candles, and preparing herbal remedies and makeup.
The Goodwyf shares her duties with William, the Steward, who will regale you with tales of the agricultural life of Jersey’s yesteryear.

Lacemaking with Polly

Some Wednesdays  10am to 1pm  (please check with the site before your visit)
Brought to Jersey by French immigrants, lacemaking is a craft which was prolific in the 18th century and the beautiful results were used by both men and women of the upper class to adorn their clothing. Polly, our 18th century lacemaker, will demonstrate how lace is made and invite visitors to make it themselves.

Bonnet making with Astra

Every Friday 10am to 1pm

Introducing the Jersey Bonnet, its history and how it is constructed with practical demonstrations of making bonnets. Also talking on various aspects of patchwork and quilting.

Spinning a Yarn 

May  29

July 9, 15, 

August  10, 14, 17, 24, 31

September, 10

Come on a journey through Spinning History. Marvel at the spinning of the Drop Spindle in use from the Early Middle ages and possibly before, the click of the Walking Wheel in evidence from the 1300’s, the handle-driven and beautifully wood turned Jersey Wheel through to the whir of the Treadle Wheel.  Watch as Emma skilfully turns wool into yarn, to be used for one of the most important industries in the Channel Islands at that time - the knitting industry.


Victorian Blacksmith

Be captivated by the Victorian Blacksmith as he uses a 19th century hand-operated coke forge and hand tools to make small useful objects to give away as souvenirs.

August 3, 10, 17, 24