Hear tales from the Regimental Surgeon, see Cannon Louis the holy man and meet Sarah Brown a soldiers wife. Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today.



Elizabeth Castle

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01-05-2017 10:00 30-09-2017 16:00 36 Living History at Elizabeth Castle Visit http://www.jerseyheritage.org/whats-on/living-history-at-elizabeth-castle for details Elizabeth Castle Jersey Heritage info@jerseyheritage.org DD/MM/YYYY Mon 1 May 2017 10:00 - Sat 30 Sep 2017 16:00

Please note that dates and times may change at short notice please check with the castle in advance if you wish to see a particular performance. 

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The Master Gunner

Join the 18th century Master Gunner on the Parade Ground as he puts the new recruits (you) through their paces before marching off to the Cockpit to fire the Black Powder cannon.

1 May - 30 September: Monday-Sunday (other than when the 1781 Jersey Miltia are performing - see dates below) -  12pm to 1pm. 2pm - see the Brown Bess musket demonstration

1 - 31 October: Monday - Saturday - 12pm to 1pm. 2pm - see the Brown Bess musket demonstration

Robert Bloodsworth – Regimental Surgeon - Blood and Guts

 Tuesdays and Thursday - 10am -3.30pm

Main presentations at 11am and 14.15pm.

Could you pass the medical for an 18th Century Soldier? Meet Lieutenant Robert Bloodsworth, the Assistant Regimental Surgeon of the 95th Regiment of Foot. Find out about the weapons of the period and the wounds they could cause. Then hear about the treatment for the wounded and sick after battle and see some of the surgical and medical instruments of the 18th century that were available to the surgeon in his job.


Sarah Brown

Every other Friday from 12 May.

Sarah Brown is the wife of a soldier garrisoned here at Elizabeth Castle. Only six women for every 100 men are allowed to travel with their husbands. The women are described as army followers and must be of good character and able to work and support the army, of which they are an integral part. They receive half rations.

Sarah works as a sutler supplying the soldiers with goods to supplement their rations. She is also a laundress and is paid by the soldiers for the work she does.

1781 Jersey Militia

Sundays 14 May, 11 June, 16 July, 13 August, 24 September - 10am to 4pm

The Battle of Jersey occurred on 6 January 1781. A French Invasion force landed in the East at La Rocque and proceeded into St Helier capturing the Governor and threatening the population. Subsequently the Battle was fought in the Royal Square. The St Lawrence Battalion of the Militia fought alongside the British regiments  in the successful defeat of the French. Come and Join the 1781 Jersey Militia for a display of Artillery and Musketry at 11.00 and again at 2.15,  plus visit with their wives for an insight into Georgian life.

Barracks Hospital Tour

Explore this Georgian barracks hosptial with one of our expert guides.  Normally closed to the public the barracks hospital is the first building Jersey Heritage want to restore as part of their Love Your Castle campaign. Tours will happen every Monday Thursday and Friday afternoon, but please check with the site before your visit.


Free Guided Tour

1 May to 30 September- from 1pm - Monday and Friday

Take the free tour of Elizabeth Castle with our guide.