The Link Gallery has been taken over by the team behind the Skipton Arts Series and in May, June and July we'll welcome 5 new artists into this space. The series starts with 'PAPER TALKS’…KEEPING THE DIALOGUE ALIVE.



Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

There is no admission fee for the Link Gallery.

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02-05-2017 09:00 29-07-2017 17:00 36 Link Gallery Takeover part of the Skipton Arts Series

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Jersey Museum and Art Gallery Jersey Heritage DD/MM/YYYY Tue 2 May 2017 09:00 - Sat 29 Jul 2017 17:00

The Link Gallery has been taken over by the team behind the Skipton Arts Series!  Throughout May, June and July we'll welcome 5 new artists into this space as they takover the gallery to create new exhibitions, workshops and performances.


Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 2nd June.

An exhibition tracking the process of the ‘Paper Talks’ project, through photography, film and examples of works created by students and the community, will be held at the Link Gallery at the Jersey Museum,

Other 'Paper Talks' exhibitions are going on throughout May in various locations.
As a legacy to the hugely successful ‘Paper Dialogues - the Dragon and our Stories’ exhibition at St. Helier Town Hall, students and the community have contributed hundreds of paper-cut scales to the form of Jersey's very own paper-cut dragon. The Jersey ‘Paper Dragon’, a 3D sculptural installation, created by seven Jersey artists using the work of over 600 students from 22 schools and members of the wider public will be flying its way through the Jersey Library between May 15th – June 30th 2017 as part of a celebratory showcase entitled ‘Paper Talks’ across different venues in 2017.

The showcase will also include an exhibition of works created by each of the selected artists, Abi Overland, Anna Shipley, Ben Robertson, Joanna Brown, Karen Le Roy Harris, Lizi Hill and Maria Tarrant, at the Jersey Arts Centre’s Berni Gallery between May 8th – June 2nd 2017, made in response to the
‘Paper Dialogues’ exhibition staged by Jersey Arts Trust at the Town Hall in November 2016.

The 'Paper Talks' Project is produced by the Jersey Arts Trust and has been made possible thanks to the ongoing support of Skipton International through the Skipton Art Series, the One Foundation, and the Jersey Association of Jersey Charities and additional support from JEDFAS (Jersey Decorative and Fine Arts Society).


Monday 5th June to Friday 16th June

A selection of photographs from an on-going portrait series by respected local photographer Fenby Miskin will be displayed at the Link Gallery as part of a 2-week exhibition. The ‘Snapshot In Time: Mobile Library’ Project involves Fenby meeting with the Jersey Library’s Mobile Library’s popular Tuesday evening destination to build a relationship with the Library users, and create a new series of environmental portraiture shot on analogue film of book borrowers taken in their neighbourhood.

SKETCH WALK EXHIBITION -   Take part in a workshop on 28 May ,  Improve your drawing skills and be a part of this years Skipton Arts Series by joining me and Jersey Blue Badge Guide Sue Hardy on Sunday 28th May for an afternoon walking and drawing workshop around Jersey’s beautiful St Brelades Bay.  Click here for more details.

Monday 19th June to Friday 30th June

As part of a 2-week exhibition curated by Sam Carney, this overview exhibition highlights and showcases the collective experiences of the participants of Sam’s Sketch Walks. The Walks involved Sam teaching participants the technique of creating quick landscape sketches at regular intervals to enhance the experience and refine the practice of observation of the natural environment through drawing. A selection of the sketches from the Sketch Walk will be exhibited.


Monday 3rd July to Saturday 8th July

Inspired by similarly successful terrarium making workshops in Galleries in cities such as London, this week long project involves local multimedia artist Will Bertram offering Terrarium Making workshops for local people within the Link Gallery space. The public is invited to bring a terrarium vessel of their choosing – such as a jug or a fish tank – and to build their own terrarium inside it with Will’s guidance. The workshop will provide the tools for the terrarium building to take place and all of the finished creations will be left on display for the remainder of the week until their creators collect them. Details about the workshops and how to book will be available soon.  Workshops will come at an additional cost to the visitor.


Monday 10th July to Friday 21st July

This 2 week exhibition is an overview of the Mural Project, which has involved three local artists working with members of the public to create three murals in St Helier’s town centre. The exhibition includes a collection of information, original designs and photography/footage tracking the process of the project.  With artists Ben Robertson, Abi Overland and Will Bertram.


Monday 24th July to Saturday 29th July

Up and coming young fine artist Amber Hahn will be exploring and devising new site-specific choreographies with a group of performers at the Link Gallery. The week take-over will involve theGallery acting as both an open rehearsal/devising space where Amber and her performers will experiment and explore choreographing within the space, and also act as the site for the performances of the choreographies. The public is invited to come and visit the space any point during the week to either observe the creative process of the young artist and her team or watch the performances of the work-in-development choreographies.