The Jersey Cider Apple Quilt is a community project to celebrate our rich history of growing apples and making cider. Take part by decorating fabric squares to be sewn into a huge patchwork.

The Jersey Cider Apple Quilt is a community project to celebrate our rich history of growing apples and making cider. It involves the creation of hundreds of fabric squares that will be sewn together by volunteers to create an apple-themed quilt.

The project was launched in April 2019 and since then, we have distributed pre-cut cotton calico squares for people to decorate. They have been given to schools and colleges, needlecraft groups, the Women’s Institute and individuals of all ages and abilities, and they were free for anyone to pick up from Jersey Museum & Art Gallery, if they were interested in taking part.

Lots of squares have already been submitted, beautifully decorated with apples, blossom, birds, bees, trees and cider. But we’d love to receive more! Even as far away as Chile, someone is busy decorating a square with her Jersey-born daughter, Ilana, whose name means ‘tree’. And locally, two women – one working by hand and one using a machine – are embroidering apple names in Jèrriais for the border.

While we’re all in lockdown and our sites are closed to the public, we can’t supply any more calico but if you’d like to be involved, please use any suitable fabric that you have to hand. Squares must measure 4.5 inches – a four-inch square working area, with a quarter-inch seam allowance around the sides. More than one person working together could use an 8.5-inch square – an eight-inch working area and a quarter-inch seam. Please write your name/s and age/s within the seam.

And don’t worry if you don’t sew or do embroidery or appliqué! You can use fabric paint, Sharpie pens, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Enjoy being creative and we look forward to seeing your squares!

The closing date for submitting decorated squares is 1 July 2020, although the date might change, depending on how things develop with the Coronavirus situation. 

For more information about the project, or if you have any queries, contact


Need inspiration?

The theme is apples, orchards or cider making. If you need inspiration, eat an apple or sip some cider…remember the horse at La Faîs’sie d’Cidre at Hamptonne Country Life Museum; or how beautiful it is walking in an orchard at spring time. Consider what each season of the year means in the life cycle of apples; how much cider was produced in 18th and 19th century Jersey, exported by ship in wooden barrels and how much was drunk here!  Take a look at our Apple Alphabet for some ideas on what to put on your square.