Sharing stories from the Jersey Evening Post photographic archive.



Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

This exhibition aims to engage the public in becoming heritage detectives - identifying people, places and occasions portrayed in Jersey Evening Post photographs. The Jersey Evening Post photographic collection is the visual memory of Jersey with its million and a half images recording Jersey and its people over the past 100 years. But often the name of those people and places have got lost over the years. This exhibition will provide visitors with an opportunity to add details into photographs - a crowdsourcing creation.


Can you help?

Jersey Heritage now looks after the Jersey Evening Post photographic archive. But we really need your help. Many of the photographs don’t have details of when, why or where they were taken, or who they might be of.

If you spot anyone you know or can help tell us why a photograph was taken, we’d love to hear from you. Throughout the exhibition there are albums of photographs with numbers on. If you know anything about a photograph, note down its number, fill in a postcard and pop it in the postbox. Our archivists will then add those details onto that photograph’s record.


Would you like to see more photographs?

If you’d like to look at more photographs, and possibly spot more friends and family,  click here for the Jersey Heritage Archives and Collections online.


Sponsored by Benest & Syvret and supported by the Jersey Heritage Patrons and Benefactors Scheme.