This most happy and momentous time in Jersey’s history is celebrated and commemorated in this FREE exhibition.



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24-07-2020 00:00 18-04-2021 17:00 36 A Day to Remember - Liberation 75 Visit for details Jersey Museum and Art Gallery Jersey Heritage DD/MM/YYYY Fri 24 Jul 2020 00:00 - Sun 18 Apr 2021 17:00

‘A Day to Remember – Liberation 75’ is a short immersive projected film that tells the dramatic story of those heady days of freedom from the perspectives of those who lived through them in Jersey, as deportees and political prisoners in Germany, and evacuees in England. Also central to the narrative are the powerful first-person accounts of veterans’ descendants, such as Sarah Dornom – daughter of Stan Keiller: “Freedom is a word you don't truly understand until it's been taken away from you…Freedom is now, it’s my family, it’s future generations. Without the freedom they gained after the war we simply wouldn't be here”.


This series of films focuses on the Liberation stories of Islanders in Jersey, British-born Channel Islanders interned in Germany and families who evacuated to England in June 1940. The testimony of Occupation veterans’ descendants is also centre stage, as they explore what freedom means today and the importance of sharing the memory of this momentous time in Jersey’s history. As Stan Keiller remarks, “I would say to the youth of this lovely Island, value and cherish your freedom, and guard it well.”  Click here to watch the films.

Exhibition sponsored by Alex Picot Trust and supported by the Bailiff Jersey.  WIth additional thanks to Jersey Heritage Patrons and Benefactors

This exhibition is free of charge in the John de Veulle Gallery at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery


Photos thanks to: Channel Islands Military Museum