How do two people find a hidden treasure in a Jersey field?

Reg Mead and Richard Miles love nothing more than to go out hunting for treasure with their metal detectors. Reg and Richard belong to the Jersey Detecting Society.  They have found things before, but in 2012 they made their biggest discovery.

Reg has been looking for some buried treasure in a particular spot for more than 30 years. Reg was told by a farmer’s wife that when her husband was pulling up an old tree in a field, loads of silver coins came out of the ground and were scattered all around.  She couldn’t tell Reg exactly where it was, but she showed him the field and from that day on, Reg spent as much time as he could looking for more coins. He asked the owner of the land, and with the help of his good friend Richard, they spent many hours working their way up and down the land.

Then one day, at the beginning of summer, their metal detectors picked up a very large signal and they became very excited. Carefully they dug down through the soil and uncovered a large pile of coins. They covered it back up and called in some experts from Jersey Heritage and the Société Jersiaise. Pretty soon they realised it was a very large hoard of ancient coins, the biggest Iron Age collection ever found in the world!