The newsroom contains information on our extensive stock of images, video and other content.

Using the Newsroom

The newsroom is the place to come for information about access to images and video relating to the Grouville Coin Hoard. In the first instance please route any requests by email or call +44 1534 888992, detailing your requirements and your organisation and then your enquiry can be expedited.



A limited amount of video exists recording both the discovery and excavation of the finds, and the subsequent conservation work.  If you would like to receive updates on new material, please provide your details, with a current email address, to the newsroom team.

Media updates and enquiries

If you would like to receive updates on new material, please provide your details, with a current email address, to the newsroom team.

The newsroom team is also happy to receive enquiries from media who wish to produce their own stories and features on the exciting discoveries made in Jersey in the summer of 2012. All such enquiries are discussed by the Jersey Heritage team, the Island authorities (where this is necessary as the locations are protected areas) and the individuals who made the discoveries. We are all keen to facilitate enquiries that help promote the rich and diverse heritage of Jersey to a wider audience and we look forward to hearing from you.


Expert interviews

A number of key people have been involved in the discovery, excavation, conservation and promotion of Jersey’s ‘treasures’. These include archaeologists, conservators, metal detectorists, education staff and external consultants who have advised the on-Island teams.

All of these people are willing to speak to the media and to assist with projects wherever possible. Due to the large number of requests for interviews we would ask in the first instance that you contact the newsroom and give details of who you would like to speak to, or what you would like to speak about, and we can make sure the appropriate person is made available to you as soon as possible


Suggested contacts

Jon Carter – Director, Jersey Heritage

Olga Finch – Head of Archaeology, Jersey Heritage

Neil Mahrer – Conservator, Jersey Heritage

Reg Mead & Richard Miles – Metal detectorists discovered Iron Age coins



Access to the hoard is possible, but strictly controlled. These precious find is kept in a secure laboratory environment without general public access. For access please contact the newsroom.

During the 2014 season the Hoard will be on public display at the Jersey Museum, Weighbridge, St. Helier. Filming in the Museum is restricted and there are only a small number of hours in each day when the public will not be admitted to the Exhibition. To have out-of-hours access to the Hoard or Jersey Heritage personnel, prior permission must be arranged.

Access to the location of the find is currently restricted. It is possible to view the location but under certain controls. Please ask the newsroom for details.

Supply of material

The newsroom is able to supply material in various ways including email, fileshare system, disc, DVD and tape.