Sorry as ever that it's been a while since the last post. We've been working like mad getting all the museum sites ready for their opening at Easter. The biggest change for us has been the opening of our new hoard exhibition in the gallery outside the lab at La Hougue Bie.

This is very exciting as it's the first time that most of this material has been on show.  Indeed, the gold jewellery was only removed from the hoard late last year and it's been a busy time doing all the conservation and research work needed to dsplay them in this way.  Olga Finch, our Curator of Archaeology has written the text and the exhibition covers the whole story from the hoard's discovery to it's excavation and subsequent conservation.

We are showing a selection of the coins we've found to give an idea of the spread of people represented by them and about half of the jewellery so far removed is being shown.  This includes most of the large gold torques which look beautiful properly shown in this way.  The other pieces will be cleaned over the course of the year and these will be added to the exhibition bit by bit.  To give some context to our find we are also showing other material from Jersey in the Iron Age.  Some of this actually comes from the first hoard found at Le Catillon back in 1957 and it's interesting to compare the two.

That aside work goes on as usual.  We've removed over 38000 coins so far so we are definitely on the downhill slope now.  We've continued to find more organic material and a number of new arthropods.  Our local entomologist Roger Long from the Societe Jersiaise has been up for a look and he's currently sharing images with some colleagues in England so hopefully we'll know more about them soon.