Happy New Year to you all. We are up and running again now after our Christmas break and back into the coins. We aren't removing any more coins from the hoard surface at present as we removed enough before the new year to keep us cleaning and cataloguing for a while.

The exposed gold therefore looks the same now as it has for a while.  We will probably start revealing more again in the next few weeks.  The big job this week has been dismantling the exhibition all around the lab here at Jersey Museum.  It's been a great chance to get a close look again at some of the lovely stuff we've had on loan from various places but soon it'll all be off to Guernsey as their museum is having their own similar exhibition this year.  This will be a great chance for them to see some our own collections and we will be sending some of the hoard "highlights" over ths summer.

The exhibition space is now being split into a new smaller hoard exhibition built around the present lab and another exhibition about a local surrealist artist Claude Cahun. One good thing that this change allows us is the ability to expand the lab.  The original design was fine fro the three staff but we now get a lot of help from volunteers and it's just too cramped for five people to work in.  From March we'll have almost twice the space and this should allow us to work much more efficiently.

There's not much other news this week I'm afraid but hopefully there'll be more to tell next week as Phil De Jersey, our numismatic advisor is coming over and we'll have some interesting new identifications from that visit.

Cheers till then