A couple of days ago I was putting a new batch of coins into the acid solution to remove their corrosion and I notices something different. There was something white stuck to one coin and it turned out to be a piece of bone.

The piece is only a fragment of a small bone but it's the first piece we've found of anything like this size.  I've removed it from the coin now and am cleaning off the mud and corrosion from the nearby coins.  Hopefully at that point we may  be able to find out what sort of bone it is.  I'll let you know when I do.

We've been talking about organic material a lot recently.  We know to expect plant fibres, hairs and other tiny parts of animals because we've already see these under the microscope but recently someone was asking what we intend to do about DNA extraction and sampling and we had to admit that this was a stage further than we had planned.  Talking to other colleagues since however it seems pretty unlikely that we will find such material.  Once again as this develops I'll follow the story here.

One other nice find this week has been a mystery coin.  Our celtic coin expert Philip De Jersey has been our go-to man for instant identification of anything strange and he usually mails us straight back with our answer but this coin has stumped him.  He reckons its armorican alright but the geometric pattern is apparently unknown, which is always exciting!