As ever, sorry it's been a while. This time it's not that the hoard project has been quiet but that I've been working elsewhere solidly for a month. This has been preparing the new Ice Age Island exhibition at Jersey Museum. If you get the chance, do have a look as it's a great exhibition with amazing material, both local and on loan from the British Museum and Natural History Museum.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...  Georgia and Viki have been busy removing the remaining coins from the top 5cm of the hoard surface.  With our volunteer helpers making a big difference to our work rate they actually managed to remove and record four thousand coins last month which is extraordinary, particularly as they had to do it all without my considerable talents!  One nice find they made is our first patch of textile.  It's about 1cm square of a course weave with hints that it may extend below some adjacent coins.  We are being very careful about recording if fully at the moment before we remove it for further study in the next couple of weeks.

The big news however is that we have agreed the date on which we will start removing the gold jewellery from the hoard.  As we've uncovered all the torques and other pieces we've left them in situ till we can laser scan their whole layer as one.  We've nearly completed this process now so we've decided that we will remove all the pieces from Saturday the 21st of November to Friday the 27th.  La Hougue Bie Museum, the site were we are doing the work, is usually closed at that time of year but we are opening to the public that week so people can see the removal and conservation work at first hand.  We will remove one or two pieces each day and start to record and clean them in the lab so it should be an exciting time.  Once the site closes again we will transfer the jewellery to a display at Jersey Museum.

I'll let you know how our preparations are going over the next couple of weeks and I'll make sure to blog, probably every day, during the removal phase so wherever you are you can get an up to the minute view of what's going on.