Among the coins we have found over the last week or so is the above Osismii stater. Only a few of these have been found before and apparently they usually contain gold.

The Osismii were the tribe who lived on the western borders of the Coriosolitae tribe and we'd only found one other of their coins so far in this hoard.  This new one is visibly different though.  You can see that it is five sided, rather than round and the male head has an unusually complex hair do with a sort of "double croisant" on top.  Apparently this is Delestree & Tache type 2217  stater and the seven that have been tested before have contained between 4 and 25% gold.  We will have to wait until Trefor Jones, a post gradute student at Cranfield comes over with his portable X Ray Fluorescence device which will be able to tell us just which metals are in the coin.

We have recorded and removed about 1500 coins from the hoard so far and haven't found any other items mixed in yet except for the ever present organic material.  We are begiining to plot out how far we will go through the organic area in the next few weeks.  One aspect we are discussing is leaving a stack of coins in the this area and eventually removing it as a block from the hoard.  We would then freeze it so that researchers at some unknown period in the future will have access to an untreated specimen for any new techniques that might be developed.

I leave you with one more image which is my colleague Viki looking very happy with the new "ghostbusters" backpack hoover, as excited as I have seen her since we began the project. 

Also she and Georgia are beginning to do a vlog of our work.  They've done two so far, the best being the second out-takes one which is worth looking at for me dancing like a dad at a wedding if for nothing else.  

The Coin Crew are coming - Video

The Outtakes! - Video