I promised I'd blog again when either the scanner arrived back from its service trip to Germany or there was an ice age, whichever happened first. Well to my surprise given their recent performance the scanner firm released it back to us after only seven weeks!

The picture above is meant to show Georgia and the scanner having a hug to celebrate their reunion but on seeing it now I realize it looks a little more threatening, as if it's about to strangle her but fear not she survived the encounter.  The project has been pretty much on hold in its absence so we actually set it up immediately yesterday and removed some coins, hooray! 

All this excitement took place under the stern eyes of the gentleman below.  Shirley Turner-Brossman is a friend of Richard the hoard finder and she was so impressed by the footprint we found on the hoard surface that she painted this splendid portrait of a Celt standing on the freshly buried treasure.  Richard was kind ennough to let us have it in the lab while the work goes on so it's all a bit more colourful in here than usual.

Other than that we are getting ready for our move to the new lab at the end of next week and generally bustling about.

More news soon!