We've had an amazing ten days working on the hoard. In the last blog we were revealing what we assumed would be the largest of the torcs and looking forward to its extraction. This picture has now been complicated in the most marvellous way.

Essentially, everywhere we look in this part of the hoard we are finding  new things.  First, when we tried to clear around the solid gold gold torc we discovered the gold plated one lying over it.  We knew that to get these two out we'd need to remove the nearby stone.  Clearing around this we found two new gold coins, one a large Osismii stater and a much older "globular" stater probably from a tribe nearer Paris. 

Then we made the discovery of the project so far.  At first it appeared to be a thick, tightly curved gold torc but when cleaned back a bit it was revealed as a pair of solid gold "wheels" at the end of a thick, curved, gold torc collar.  The wheels are about 4cm accross and the collar part about 15mm thick.  We've now cleaned back enough coins to see that the torc appears to be constructed from two semi circular parts which would have fitted together to be worn.  We've think we've exposed about 90% of the first part with the wheels and about 50% of the second.  We don't know what the other ends of both are like yet.  The sheer size of this piece is amazing in comparison to everything else we've seen yet and the torc surface appears to be in good condition and of a very pure gold. 

Even this wasn't the end of the week however as we also found what appears to be a bronze ingot, which we removed yesterday and we've just found a second one.  Finally, we have also  fully uncovered the silver jewellery we'd seen on top since day one.  We'd thought this might be a brooch but it is now revealed as a partly crushed bracelet.  The design is very clever, with two lengths of silver each forming a loose spiral around the other so that the braclet could be adjusted for size.

As you can see, the pace of discovery has been quite dizzying but we will be sending images of the various pieces off to experts over the next few days so hopefully we will know more about what we have found soon.  Our plan to remove a torc in front of the public is still going ahead but we will now be doing it with a much bigger one than we had planned!  I'm not sure when this will happen yet as the whole picture is now so complex but we'll let you all know when we do.