We've been removing gold jewellery from the hoard since Saturday now and we've extracted seven whole or half torques as well as other smaller items. It's gone very much as planned and the pieces are really beautiful.

At the moment we're keeping the jewellery out on show for the week but once that's done it'll be going into a damp fridge for a while till we've worked out what analytical work it needs before it's cleaned.  We've had really great crowds through the week and there's been a real party atmosphere each time something's come out.  We've also had great media attention.  As I write we're setting up to extract one torque live on local TV tonight.  In fact we reach some insane media climax today as we're on local BBC and ITV at six and six thirty and then on the One show at seven!  It's a lonely life being a conservator but fame won't change me.