Just a quick blog to let you know that we found another gold ring. You may recall we found a deliberately crumpled ring some months ago and now we have two.

We've been removing coins from an area close to the first gold torques we found and about 4cm down we came across the ring.  This is the first new piece of jewellery we have found in a couple of months so it was a big occasion and the Gold Fez was dusted down (the person who finds a new gold item gets to wear the fez that day).  The ring is similar to the one we found before but somewhat thicker and it hasn't been crumpled.  We can see that it's quite large therefore and is probably for a man.  It does appear to have been cut right through in one place and at least partially cut in another.  We'll get a clearer idea when we remove and clean it but for the moment we are leaving it in situ.  We like to do this where possible as it will allow us to do a 3D laser scan of all such items in place at one time.

Whether this new find means we are getting back into an area of jewellery or whether this piece was the edge of the main area we've already found we don't know but the work will go on this week so we should have an idea soon.  I'll get back in touch then so cheers for now.