Well I'm back in the lab having survived my week off motorcycling in France so that's a bonus. In my absence everyone else have been carrying on surprisingly well and we have now removed more than 48000 coins.

This week we are preparing for a big meeting next Thursday.  We've invited leading academics and archaeologists from all over Britain and France to discuss what we have discovered so far and to help us plan for the longer term research that will inevitably carry on once the initial work on the hoard itself has finished.  This is really exciting as it's the first time will have had a group all together like this before and we're fascinated to hear what they say.

Back to the day-to-day work and the excavation work is down to the underlying soil layer all around the "pointy end" of the hoard.  We've discovered yet more ingots and it will be interesting to see in the end just how much metal there is in these.  Our initial estimate of coin numbers didn't assume these to be here so they may take our total down a few thousand.  We've also found two more glass beads on the soil that marks the very bottom of the hoard pit.  Once of these is clear glass and the other is a beautiful black with yellow stripes.  If one shines a bright light through the the "black" parts of the striped one you can see that they're actually a really dark red.  It's interesting to find these so close togther as we'd previously only found one other, smaller, bead in the last two years.  Hopefully as we continue to work in this area we may find more.  If we find out more about the beads next week I'll let you know.