Happy New Year from the coin team. It's all change here at the moment as Viki is off to Lancashire for her PhD at the end of the week and that will coincide with the separation of the last few coins from the hoard. Indeed our once proud one ton hoard is now a patch of coins about 15cm on a side.

We've been pacing our disassembly so as to finish on Friday and we'll have the media around and then a small party.  If you want to catch the moment then have a look at Jersey Heritage's web site on Friday afternoon as we are going to do a live FaceBook broadcast of the final separation at about ten past three for perhaps ten minutes.  I've also nearly finished a timelapse of the whole near-three year process reduced down to less than thirty seconds so I'll let you know the link to that as soon as possible.

Sad though they both are, Viki's departure and the evaporation of the actual hoard do not spell the end of the project.  There are still thousands of coins to clean and tens of thousands to photograph and record.  We will carry on with the work through to the end of October.  The glass walled lab is being re-modelled slightly with the hoard block being replaced by a new work bench so that the public can still see us hard at work..  The exhibition outside the lab is also being remodelled for its re-opening with some new interpretation but all the jewellery and other items will be back on show as before.  

I'll write again next week to let you know how things have gone.  Cheers till then.