The logging and removal of coins is going on and today we've reached coin 2000, hooray!

We've been busy for a couple of weeks now taking the hoard apart and the hole is getting bigger.  We've removed about 600 coins in that time which together with those already loosened is where we get the 2000 figure.  That means we've deliberately removed about 1% of what we expect to be the final number and have about 3% loose in total.  The work is going fine although it is not meeting the 500 coins per week we had initially hoped.  We think that this is partly that we are still learning as we go but mostly because our starting in the area with all the organics means we are spending a lot of time removing samples and going very carefully coin to coin.  We think the process will speed up once we are in metal only areas.  The organic material is begining to show recognizable structures now of straw coloured plant stalks and the preservation appears to be getting better as we go below the hoard's surface.

The cleaning and identifying of the coins is also going well and the finished coins are begining to look very nice.  Below is the first coin we removed after scanning its position in the hoard.  It's nothing special but it marks the first fully completed treatment and recording of a hoard coin.