We've been continuing to remove the coins one by one from the side of the hoard and for the first time we've hit the bottom!

We removed one coin and there below it was just earth, no more metal.  As we removed more coins we've found that the "floor" of the hoard is quite uneven, presumably following the original spade cuts in the earth.  We are going to continue working in this first area for another two or three weeks, till we have collected a reasonable selection of organic material samples and have mapped out how far the organics reach into the main hoard body. 

The nature of the organic material that we're finding has changed as we've worked our way down.  Until recently we've mostly been finding a black peaty material that shows a lot of microscopic detail but nothing at a level visible to the eye.  Now though we are seeing whole plant stalks, possibly grass.  They're still mixed fairly randomly among the coins so we'can't say that they are definitely bag or basket material but they are certainly thickest at the base of the hoard.