It's kind of hard to convey the excitement of the way we are uncovering the jewellery at the moment. On one level we haven't actually found any new pieces since the last blog (yet) but on the other we have cleared the coins from the large torque we found last week and have seen that what we thought was another torque under it is in fact apparently a silver ingot.

The area of jewellery just expands and expands.  This is making us change our plans as we go along to some extent.  Before Christmas we thought we had a good idea of how large this gold "patch" was and we were going to extract the largest torque sometime over Easter. Now, not knowing how far the jewellery will continue under the coins we have put this extraction plan on hold.  We want to leave all the jewellery in situ so that we can record and laser scan it all together. 

The new biggest torque is similar to our previous record holder but just a bit bigger all round.  On this one you can see that the gold making up the double ring "muff" structure is quite thin as it has a series of quite clear "cut marks" from a sharp tool or weapon on it.  The blows have buckled the surface slightly.  The ingot underneath is shaped like a small bar of soap and appears to be silver or possibly a gold/silver alloy. 

The rectangular section gold that I refered to as a curved bar last week now looks like a full ring shape and I'll leave it those better informed than I as to whether it is a torque.  If it is it's got an odd finish.  The surface is unpolished and a little rough and the curve, though neck sized, is uneven.

We had a visit from Luke Winter, Director of the Ancient Technology Centre this morning and as soon as he saw our mysterious stone nestled among the gold he said that it was a grinding stone from a quern so that was interesting.

That's about all I've got at the moment and I'm away next week so there'll be a slightly longer gap till I write again.  I leave you with a coin that I liked this week.  We are waiting for Phil, our tame numismatist, to confirm what type of coin it is exactly but I love it because the face on it look exactly like the Spitting Image Margaret Thatcher!