Just a quick post this time to wrap up the year. All of us on the hoard team have got various amounts of leave to take this year so things are winding down now.

It's amazing to see how things have changed since this time last year.  Then, we still hadn't found many of the pieces of jewellery and and only a few thousand of the coins had been removed.  Now, not quite half way through the project, we have removed over 30,000 and all the jewellery is out and waiting to be studied and cleaned.  The big difference that has made this possible is our volunteer team, so a big thanks to all our helpers.  Some like Reg and Richard, the finders, have been with us from the start and others have come on at various times since.  All have proved great and work together really well as a team.  With us working this way we are going at a good rate and are confident about finishing the project on time. 

What the next year will bring we don't know (except lots of coins) so please look in from time to time and when we find something we'll let you know. 


Till then Merry Chrimbo one and all