We've had a mad week moving the hoard to its new home at La Hougue Bie Museum. As you can see above, this required swinging the hoard out on a crane sixty feet in the air which caused a few raised heartbeats.

We arrived safely at our new lab however and had two busy days unpacking and sorting things out.  The space itself is great and probably better than our old lab but we still need to sort out internet connections and a couple of other things before we begin in earnest.  We're just putting up a slightly smaller version of old hoard exhibition in the space outside the lab by re-using some of the exhibition panels but over the winter we will redisplaying the entire gallery to interpret the hoard.  This will be quite an impressive exhibition as it will show a lot of Iron-Age material currently in storage.  By then we should also have extracted most of the gold torques and other jewellery visible now on the hoard surface so it should look pretty dramatic once conserved. 

I'll let you know how things are settling in next week but that's about it for now, cheers.