I've spent the last few weeks cleaning the gold jewellery that we removed from the hoard late last year. The bulk of this cleaning has been done by hand, picking away at the overlying earth and copper corrosion with tiny berberis thorns.

It's been a fascinating process and I've got to admit there are worse ways to make a living.  It's a painstaking process, all done under the microscope but one gets the knack and my rate has increased from taking several days on each item to perhaps an average or five or ten hours.  I've done something like two thirds of the exposed pieces now and they should all be going on show in the new gallery outside the lab when we open full time on the 23rd of March.  The lab will actually be opening on Sundays from this coming weekend so come along and see how things are going.  We are getting some important analytical work done next week so hopefully I should have some news and exciting images in a week's time or so.