Ice Age

How would you live?

Imagine living in a world where the temperature was a lot colder than today and large areas of Europe were covered in ice and snow. Your people would have been on the move chasing the Mammoths, seeking shelter in caves and rocks and sometimes building huts or tents. You would have needed protection from the weather - what clothes would you have chosen?

Ice Age People

Which one are you?

People have evolved (changed) over thousands and thousands of years and learned different skills, lived in different ways and places and made and used different tools. Read these brief descriptions and see if you can work out what type of human you are. Drag the type of human to the correct description and drop, if it isn't correct it won't stick!

I am an Early Human (Homo Habilis)

I am a Neanderthal

I am a Modern Human (Homo Sapien)

I live in family groups. I have been around for 28,000 years. I collect most of my food from shops and live in lots of different climates.

I am a modern Human - well done!

I am short and sturdy. I originated from Africa arriving in Western Europe about 35,000 years ago. I can invent tools and make basic clothing allowing me to live in the extreme cold

I am an early Human - correct!

I am a nomad. I lived 120,000 years ago. I hunt animals to eat and also eat nuts and berries.

I am a Neanderthal - good answer!

Ice Age Animals

Which animals would you hunt and which animals would you hide from?


Mammoths were plant-eaters (herbivores), using their trunks like a finger to pinch and pull at plants. They travelled in herds across grassy plains looking for good grazing.

Cave Lion

Cave Lions were about 25% bigger than modern lions standing about 4 feet tall and 11.5 foot long (including tail).


Bison provided meat for food, skin for clothes and bones for making tools and weapons.


Sometimes called a Sabre-Tooth Tiger, they had two front teeth that were about 17 cm long. It was extremely powerful, quite bear-like in build and had a short tail, powerful legs, muscular neck and long canines.


Reindeers provided meat for food, skin for clothes and bone and antler for making tools and weapons.