Elizabeth Castle

The history of Elizabeth Castle can be summed up by the phrase..

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

...because it was a religious site for nearly 1,000 years and then it became Jersey's new gunpowder fortress.

Did you know?

Elizabeth Castle once had a windmill on site which meant that bread could be made for all the soldiers and women living there.

The site
throughout history

Match the dates to the event at Elizabeth Castle
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The Remains of the old Abbey church are blown up by the parliamentarian army

1651 is right!

St Helier killed by Sea raiders

555 is correct!

Battle of Jersey

1781 is right, well done!

An Abbey is built on site

1154 is the right answer!

A gunpowder Castle is built

1594 is right!

St Helier lives the life of a hermit on his rock

550 is correct, well done!

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