Why not open your Jersey Heritage Annual to find out more as you play the games, complete the word searches, discover the Island's history. 

Find out about the Ice Age, the Civil War, rise high as a Lord or become a prisoner at the castle.


Knights -›

Most people think that the medieval fighter was a knight.  Have a go at becoming a knight, find out what you need to wear and discover some of Jersey's famous knights.

Ice Age -›

Brrrrrr, it's cold in the Ice Age.  What would you have worn when you were out chasing mammoths and hunting for food? 

Jersey Museum -›

Nowdays most Western brides get married in white but wedding gowns were not always white.  What colour would you choose?

German Occupation -›

The Occupation is one of the most interesting parts of Jersey's recent history, what was it like for people living in Jersey under German rule?

Elizabeth Castle -›

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!  Elizabeth Castle is bursting full of history, find out more about this castle in the middle of the bay.