Jersey Heritage can advise how to make the most of a visit to one of our museums or sites, and we can show you how to link these visits to the curriculum. In addition we have series of loan boxes full of fascinating artefacts available to borrow for classroom study.

We can also suggest informative history walks for many parts of the Island including: Town, St Aubin’s Fort, many of the other towers and harbours around the island etc. Contact us to discuss your needs.

In the winter, where resources allow, Jersey Heritage staff can also visit schools and can give talks on many historical topics from pre-history to modern-history. Where relevant, objects will often be an important part of these talks.

If you are a teacher and would like to arrange a school visit, please fill out the form below and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Jersey Heritage Teacher’s Support 
This downloadable booklet provides you with more practical information on planning your school visit.  We recommend you make a preliminary visit to the museum or castle to familiarise yourself with the facilities available. A well-planned visit will help your pupils get the most from your visit.

Jersey Heritage Museum Visits Risk Assessments
This downloadable booklet provides you with sample risk assessments for Jersey Heritage sites.

Jersey Heritage Ratios for School Visits

Guidance on pupil to adult ratio

Group Booking Form

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Causeway advice for EC visit
The causeway to Elizabeth Castle is just below the half-tide mark and this is the period when there is the greatest movement of water so it very important that whenever you make a visit to Elizabeth Castle you must know what the tide is doing.  As a rough guide the causeway is safe to walk for 2 ¼ hours either side of low water on no account should you attempt to cross if the tide is covering the path.

Community Bookings Information Form

All Jersey/Guernsey schools and agreed community groups are entitled to free entry with a minimum ratio of 1 teacher/supervising adult to 10 pupils.

Planning a visit

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