Private Occupation Collections

drawings from ww2 aerial of occupation of jersey postcard of ww2 from collection

    The Jersey Archive holds a number of private collections of documents that relate to the Occupation period. These include many letters and Red Cross messages sent by anxious relatives to people in Jersey.

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    L/C/01 Joan Coles Collection

    Joan Coles was deported to Wurzach internment camp on the 18th September 1942. This collection of papers includes her diary detailing every day life in Wurzach and drawings of the camp.

    L/C/14 Brigadier Snow Papers

    These papers record the detailed plans for the Liberation of the Channel Islands that began as Operation Rankin at the end of 1943 and ended as Operation Nestegg in May 1945. Brigadier Alfred Snow was in charge of the whole of Operation Nestegg and the military Task Force 135. The administrative tasks were undertaken by No. 20 Civil Affairs Unit.

    L/C/24 Joe Mière Collection

    Joe Mière has completed a significant amount of research into various aspects of the Occupation of Jersey. This collection includes lists of those who were deported and also original propaganda news sheets printed during the Occupation.

    L/C/48 David Maindonald Research Collection

    This collection of research into German fortifications in the Channel Islands includes photographs and text relating to many of the bunkers and fortifications in Jersey.

    L/F/51 Liberation Album

    Album of the liberation made by Major Frank H M Sargent (RAOC) of the 135 Field Ordnance Depot. This album contains a photographic and written account of the Liberation of Jersey and subsequent disposal and destruction of the German ammunition and artillery.