Australian Connections – Edouard Boudet's Story

Australian Connections – Edouard Boudet

According to the Australian Convict Transportation Registers 1791 – 1868 held in The National Archives of the UK, Kew, 69 prisoners were transported to Australia from Jersey. Of those 69 only 3 were women.

Edouard Boudet was one of those individuals who was transported from Jersey in 1850 after being sentenced to deportation for 14 years in 1848.

Criminal records located at the Jersey Archive show that Edouard Quenault, Edouard Boudet, James Walker and John Lancaster were accused of having on the night of Monday 15 May to Tuesday 16th May, committed an armed burglary on a house in a house occupied by Elizabeth Payne, widow of Mr  Nicolas Anthoine and Miss Anne Anthoine, her daughter.  The group are accused of assaulting Elizabeth and Anne by seizing them  and tying them together with a rope and threatening them with their life if they screamed or made the slightest noise.

They then stole 6 soup spoons, 12 teaspoons and a pair of tongs all made from silver, a towel, a piece of meat and silver coins amounting to about 18 shillings. Also a gold ring worn on the finger of Anne Anthoine. The 4 accused were brought before the grand jury who heard all the evidence and the report of the incident from the Constable of St Saviour’s Parish. The jury went away to consider the facts and found that the accused were guilty of the crimes charged and for their punishment they were ordered to be deported from the island at the pleasure of her Majesty for the term of 14 years.

The Jersey Transportation Register, kept at the Archive, gives details of Edouard’ Boudet’s transportation The register shows us that Edouard was only 17 at the time of the armed burglary and had one previous offence. His parents are described as respectable but poor in the register and his marital status is given as single. Edouard is described as a shoemaker by trade and can read well but ‘writes imperfectly’

Edouard was transported with James Walker on 27th June 1850 on the Nile and landed in Van Diemen’s Land. 

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You can search the Australian Transportation Records held in the Jersey Archive by visiting the Online Archive and using the following Reference – D/AG/B6/1 – Transportation Register or entering the name of an individual in the simple search box