We are developing a Research Framework for the Historic Environment and need your feedback

As part of Jersey Heritage Trust’s role in maintaining the value of Jersey’s heritage assets and promoting Jersey’s cultural identity and sense of belonging the Trust is developing a Research Framework for the Historic Environment. The overall aim of the research framework is to provide an effective, yet flexible, structure for decision-making regarding future historic environment research.

A series of period-based resource assessments have been prepared to summarise our current state of knowledge and to identify research themes and objectives. These vary in detail and length reflecting the attention paid to each period in the past. The approach also varies with the nature of evidence. For example, the Palaeolithic is presented differently to the post-medieval period.

These are draft resource assessments we are making available for consultation and we would value your feedback on them by 28 October 2023.

The final versions will be available in January 2024.

Research Framework feedback

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