Shiver me timbers, it's the all time best pirate list!


Black Bart Bartholomew Roberts, the legendary Welsh pirate, is the only recorded pirate who would not touch liquor. His Bahia booty is still thought by some to be buried deep inside a cave on Little Cayman Island, but most historians believe it was quickly spent by the crew on carousing and gambling on Devil's Island.


Woodes Rogers was an English privateer and governor of the Bahamas. In 1709,while in command of an around the world privateering expedition, he rescued Alexander Selkirk from a Pacific island. Selkirk's adventures would provide the basis for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.


Blackbeard Edward Teach - Black beard became the most talked about pirate in the Caribbean through such feats as besting a British warship and blockading the Charleston harbour. He is thought to have had fourteen or more “wives” at various ports.


Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two well-known female pirates who sailed together. They were reputed to have been the only crew members who put up a fight when their pirate ship was taken by a privateer sloop. One of them (most likely Anne) is said to have fired her gun into the hold where the men were hiding, screaming at them to come up and “fight like men.”

When the captain asked to see Bonny again prior to his execution, her final words to him were  “Had you fought like a man, you’d need not have been hang’d like a dog.”


Who was the most successful pirate ever?

At the dawn of the 19th century, a former prostitute married Cheng I, a fearsome pirate who operated in the South China Sea in the Qing dynasty.

When her husband died, Ching Shih took over his piracy business and Ching Shih unified her enormous fleet of pirates using a code of laws. The code was strict, and stated that any pirate giving his own orders or disobeying those of a superior was to be beheaded on the spot.  She  eventually  commanded over 1,800 pirate ships, and an estimated 80,000 men. In comparison, the famed Blackbeard commanded just four ships and 300 pirates. As a result, Ching Shih is known as one of the most successful pirates in known history.  The Red Flag Fleet under Ching Shih’s rule went undefeated, despite attempts by Qing dynasty officials, the Portuguese navy, and the East India Company to vanquish it. After three years of notoriety on the high seas, Ching Shih finally retired in 1810 by accepting an offer of amnesty from the Chinese government and lived a long life in luxury.