Jersey Heritage are building a Neolithic Longhouse at La Hougue Bie using ancient tools and crafts. This is a unique project which brings to life our Neolithic past.  

It's a volunteer project, working with experts from the Ancient Technology Centre.   

You can get involved too, so keep reading for information on this project and how you can help!

Currently, a small Neolithic-type house exists on the site, and this has been the focus for workshops, teaching sessions and demonstrations of the Neolithic Period.  Over a three-year period (2016 to  2019) we'll be constructing a Neolithic Longhouse using a volunteer workforce to not only build, but to maintain the structure in the future.  Eventually the Longhouse will become a major part of the visitor experience at La Hougue Bie as it will be the focus for Neolithic learning, from school visits to living history interpretations of our Neolithic past.

Work has already started on the project with our core volunteer workforce and the Ancient Technology Centre. If you want to get involved take a look at the project details here.  Over the next few years there will be lots of ways to be part of this unique project.


The team from the Ancient Technology Centre are writing a blog of the project.  Take a look at the latest news and photographs here.