Meet the Collections

People keep things that hold precious memories and some of these things end up in our collections, including a lot of wedding and honeymoon memorabilia and some beautiful wedding dresses. 

1958 wedding dress

The wedding dress of Patricia Mary Gilly, who was married to Kenneth Walter Maindonald at St Matthew’s Church, Millbrook, St Lawrence, by the Rev Helleur on Thursday 17 April 1958. The reception was held at La Belle Etoile, St John. This brocade dress was made by Madam Blondeau, of Poonah Road, St Helier.

11 feb Wedding Dress 101.jpg

1887 wedding dress

Agnes Lucy Hughes met her husband, Earl Winfield Spencer in Montevideo. She was the daughter of Mary Ann Le Bas and Frederick Hughes, of Jersey, and he was a New York Banker. They chose to travel back to Jersey for the wedding and were married in the Town Church on 10 December 1887 before making their home in the USA.

The dress was made by Madam Henry of 38 New Street, St Helier, one of the top Jersey dressmakers of the time.

11 Feb Wedding Dress 3.JPG

1895 wedding dress

This tiny dress was worn by Mary Anne Blampied at her wedding to Dr Arthur Clement Stamberg on 14 January 1895 in St Lawrence Parish Church. It was made by Madam Coffin, of New Street, St Helier, who advertised herself as ‘Dressmaker to the Gentry’. To achieve this tiny waist, Mary Ann would have worn a tight fitting corset.

11 Feb Wedding Dress 2.JPG


Between the 1950s and ‘70s when these JerseyPottery dishes were given to visiting honeymoon couples as a remembrance of their special holiday in the Island. Jersey was so popular as a honeymoon destination that large honeymoon balls were organised by the Tourism Committee at the West Park Pavillion.