The dramatic landscape of Jersey, its coastline and inland landscape of valleys and fields, has been shaped by long time processes of climate change. The island has an exceptional geological record for the Ice Age documenting over a quarter of a million years of successive changes in the planet’s climate, rising and falling sea levels as well as evidence for the humans and animals which were able to survive in northern Europe during this time. 


DNA Project -›

As part of the Jersey - Ice Age Island project we asked six people living in Jersey today to take part in a project to uncover the mysteries of their own ancestry.  This project looked at their DNA and has enable us to map their and our genetic journey from their neanderthal beginnings to modern day.

This short film tracks their story. 

Introduction to the Ice Age -›

The climate during the last 2 million years of earths history in europe is characterised by changes from warm conditions to cold glacial conditions

From the Archive -›

The story of r-organising historical collections of 94,000 stone tools excavated from La Cotte de St. Brelade in the late twentieth century. 

Meet the Team -›

The team bring with them a established research record in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeology.  Meet them here.

Walking Guides -›

We've developed three walking guides to get you closer to the Ice Age, watch the films and download the guide here.

Press Releases -›

Take a look at some of the past press releases here. For the latest news visit the blog or #iceageisland on Twitter.