The dramatic landscape of Jersey, its coastline and inland landscape of valleys and fields, has been shaped by long time processes of climate change. The island has an exceptional geological record for the Ice Age documenting over a quarter of a million years of successive changes.

La Cotte de St.Brelade

Ice age sediments began accumulating within a jagged fissure in the rocky cliffs of the modern south coast of Jersey between at least 220 000 and 30 000 years ago.

Les Varines

Located above St.Helier at the head of a dry valley dropping towards the sea, Les Varines was occupied by Magdalenian hunters around 18 000 years ago, immediately after the last glacial period. 

Le Canal du Squez

Occupied around 9000 years ago Le Canal du Squez lies within the Les Landes SSI, on the edge of a shallow, hanging valley which would have provided a source of fresh water.

Some photographs on this page are reproduced thanks to Chris Brookes