The Battle of Jersey in 1781 had shown that the island needed a more modern and better placed fortress than Elizabeth Castle.

The site chosen was Le Mont de la Ville with its commanding position overlooking the town and harbours of St Helier. The British Government bought the land from the Parish of St Helier for £11,000 and building began. The foundation stone was laid in 1806; however, by the time it was completed, and it assumed its role as the headquarters of the resident British garrison in the Island, the French wars were over. It was named by General Don in honour of the Prince of Wales (later George IV) who was acting as the Prince Regent during his father’s illness. It remained the Military headquarters for the Army until they left in 1932. During the Second World War, the occupying German forces used the fort as an ordnance depot and there were a number of anti-aircraft guns placed on its ramparts. After the war the fort became a coal store and vehicle dump, until the States bought the site in 1958 for £14,500. Since the 1960s the fort has served as a leisure centre for both Islanders and visitors.

How to get there.

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