From dress up treasure troves, to playgrounds to run free there is so much to do when you’re a Jersey Heritage member. Stop for an hour or stay for the day and let the kids imaginations run wild.

A taste of what’s included. For a taste of what’s included click here.

Dress Up
Interactive, hand on heritage
Living History
Farm Animals
Gift Shops
Dedicated family events throughout the year

Jersey Heritage membership means free unlimited access to Mont Orgueil CastleElizabeth CastleHamptonneLa Hougue Bie, Jersey Museum & Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum.



Discovery Days

Discovery Days -›

A fantastic fun, family day out with a Viking theme. Learn cool stuff about our Viking heritage with creative activities, puppet show, trails, music  and an actual Viking - she's not at all scary.

Castle Challenge

Castle Challenge -›

Come and explore the castles and tell us your tales, draw your castle pictures and enter our competition to win a Castle sleepover for you and your friends.

Love Your Castle Tours

Love Your Castle Tours -›

Come and explore some of the castle's hidden nooks and crannies, discover some of the history of this castle and find out our plans for the future of Elizabeth Castle.

Discovery Team

Discovery Team -›

Spend an afternoon under the trees at La Hougue Bie where Nicky will share with you the techniques she uses to print and draw. You don’t even need to be good at drawing to join us - it’s surprisingly easy to create something that you’re proud of once you know the tricks of the trade.

Retro Games Days

Retro Games Days -›

Do you remember Space invaders, Operation, Guess Who and the first edition of Trivial Pursuit? Do your children have no idea what these things are?

La Faîs’sie d’Cidre

La Faîs’sie d’Cidre -›

Bringing together communities, volunteers and of course apple and cider experts. It’s not all about the cider - live music, creative activities for children, dance, great food, great company, competitions, poetry, Genuine Jersey stalls and living history. Lots to do, things to learn, people to meet and fun to be had!

A Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas -›

The Victorians changed the face of Christmas. The era saw the introduction of traditions such as the Christmas tree, making and sending of Christmas cards, Christmas crackers filled with sweets and decorating homes with greenery.

Living History at Mont Orgueil Castle

Living History at Mont Orgueil Castle -›

Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today. History comes to life at the castle with something different to see almost every day, meet the Medieval man at arms, hear the tale of the Battle for Sark or tales or espionage and bravery from the 1700s.

Living History at Elizabeth Castle

Living History at Elizabeth Castle -›

Hear tales from the Regimental Surgeon, see Cannon Louis the holy man and meet Sarah Brown a soldiers wife. Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today.

Living History at Hamptonne

Living History at Hamptonne -›

Meet the Goodwyf or Steward who look after the house of their master, Monsieur Laurens Hamptonne in the year of 1649. You can also watch demonstrations in the crafts of lacemaking and bonnet making.

Living History at the Maritime Museum

Living History at the Maritime Museum -›

Please check listing to ensure that Living History is on today. Come and see the team in the boat shop look after and maintain our fleet of wooden historic boats throughout the year and meet Sally the Smuggler to hear some pirate stories.