Jersey Heritage Treasure Hunt App

Available on iPhone and Android app, our first treasure hunt is available for the Maritime Museum and will guide you on an adventure through the island’s nautical, seafaring history. From tales of the HMS Titanic to the mystery of the Black Dog of Bouley Bay, we challenge you on a quest to answer as many questions as you can to win virtual golden coins and unlock hidden treasure chests. 

Throughout 2012, we will be creating new virtual treasure hunts for you to enjoy at our other Jersey Heritage Visitor Sites. Follow us on Facebook to find out where the next hunt will be available and check out who’s at the top of the Treasure Hunt leader board, live on this page!

How do I download the Huntzz Treasure Map app?

Using the FREE Wi-Fi at the Jersey Heritage information Desks, you can download the Huntzz app free of charge to your Android or Apple iPhone or iPad. To do this, select the Jersey Heritage Wi-Fi on your smart phone (Maritime Museum for example) and follow the instructions below:

Visit - Depending what type of phone you have, follow the link provided on the Huntzz website to either the App Store or Android Market and download the treasure hunt from here. You will get all the Huntzz treasure hunts that they offer for sites in the UK too – you just need to scroll through to find the Jersey Heritage ones.

We will be creating new treasure hunts for the various Jersey Heritage sites throughout the year. Treasure hunts are currently available at:

  • The Maritime Museum


Starting a Hunt:

The first screen after installing a hunt shows the location of the first chest. You can also move around the map to see where the other chests are. Go to the chest location and click on the chest (lock) tab icon. Your hunt is on!

Hints & Coins:

If you are struggling with a clue, you can request a ‘hint’ by clicking on the candle. Every clue you answer without a hint will earn you five virtual gold coins; if you use a hint you will only win three coins.

If you still can’t work it out, you can ‘reveal’ the answer by clicking on the axe. However, by smashing open the chest you destroy the coins!

The Difficulty Setting:

The default difficulty setting is ‘cryptic’. But you can switch to ‘simple’ clues on the settings screen... This is very handy for children.

Reveals & Scrolls:

You can pass on any one clue but it is only when you unlock the chest with the correct answer or smash it open with your axe that you get access to the scroll inside. Each scroll contains extra information about Jersey’s History and/or the Jersey Heritage Visitor site.

We hope you enjoy this new, fun way of learning with Jersey Heritage and would welcome your feedback so we can make future Huntzz even bigger and better.

From just 90p per month*, you can roam the Jersey Heritage sites as much as you like.

When you join Jersey Heritage your key to the castle opens the door to hundreds of free events, exhibitions and special days out at all of our sites, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please. What’s more, you’ll be helping us to protect the heritage you enjoy today, for generations to come.