La Hougue Bie Tour

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La Hougue Bie Museum

Take a free tour of La Hougue Bie with one of our fantastic tour guides and learn about the history of La Hougue Bie.


All tours are free, but normal admission prices apply. Tours may take longer than one hour.


Tours may be cancelled at short-notice so please call ahead if you are coming to attend a tour. Tel: 01534 853823



Mondays – Sheila Ponomarenko at 10.45am and Jon Ponomarenko at 2pm


Tuesdays – Edward Le Couteur at 10.45am


Thursdays – Annette Lowe at 10.45am


Fridays – Craig Leach at 10.45am


Saturdays – Sarah Kitchin at 10.45am


Sundays – Chloe Favrat at 10.30am and Edith Brown at 2pm








Meet Edward Le Couteur

A keen archaeologist, Edward Le Couteur has volunteered with Jersey Heritage for a number of years. As a Guide at La Hougue Bie, Edward can explain the site’s fascinating history that spans several millennia – from the 6,000 year old Neolithic tomb to the medieval chapel, when the site was a Victorian pleasure garden and the memorial to those labourers who were forced to work during the German Occupation 1940-45.


Meet Pippa Kergozou

Philippa is one of the core team that built the replica Neolithic Longhouse at La Hougue Bie and she began volunteering as a Site Guide there in 2015.


She provides site tours on Wednesday mornings and particularly loves sharing with visitors to La Hougue Bie information about our Prehistory.