Hamptonne Spinners, Blacksmith and Bonnet Makers

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    Watch traditional crafts, skillfully maintained by our expert team of bonnet makers, spinners, knitters and resident blacksmith.

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    Hamptonne Country Life Museum

    Wool Spinners of Hamptonne

    Sundays in April

    Wednesdays and Sundays from May to September

    10am to 4pm

    Come on a journey through spinning history and marvel at the ‘Drop Spindle’ in use from the Middle Ages. Listen to the click of the ‘Walking Wheel’ used from the 1300s, the handle-driven and beautifully wood turned Jersey Wheel, through to the whir of the ‘Tradle Wheel’.  Watch as the Spinners of Hamptonne skillfully turn wool into yarn, to be used for one of the most important industries in the Channel Islands – the knitting industry.   At times you may also meet the Hamptonne Knitter, who will be making garments from the Hamptonne yarn.

    Bonnet Maker

    Fridays from May to September

    10am to 1pm

    Come and find out about the Jersey Bonnet, it’s history and how it was made, you’ll also learn about the skill of patchwork and quilting from our Bonnet Maker.

    Victorian Blacksmith

    Thursday July 7
    Thursday July 14
    Thursday July 21
    Thursday July 28
    Thursday August 4
    Thursday August 11

    For more than two thousand years, the Blacksmith was arguably the most important artisan in the community, dramatically improving the productivity of farming, the efficiency of transport and the ability of scattered settlements to defend themselves. Our Blacksmith, Stephen, will employ a small, hand operated 19th century forge, an anvil, hammers and tongs to forge items used daily on every farm from red hot metal.