Hamptonne Country Life Museum Living History

    Come and meet the characters at Hamptonne. Living History takes place on selected days throughout the week from 22 March to end of October.

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    Hamptonne Country Life Museum


    Mondays in October

    Meet the friendly and welcoming Goodwyf, who looks after the house of her master, Monsieur Laurens Hamptonne in the year 1660. She is very respectful of her employer, who is a well-educated and important man, however this doesn’t prevent her from spreading the odd bit of gossip. The Goodwyf will tell you about Hamptonne’s royal connections and give you an insight into her day to day life, including cooking on the open fire, making soap and candles, and preparing herbal remedies and makeup.



    October – Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Find the ladies around Hamptonne on Tuesdays and Thursdays, recreating the historic art of hand spinning yarn on a wheel, natural dyeing and the knitting of the fashionable stockings, which formed a mainstay of rural life in Jersey for some 200 years


    The Living History rota is subject to change. In order to avoid disappointed, we recommend telephoning 01534-863955 before you visit.