Elizabeth Castle Living History

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    Elizabeth Castle


    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 4pm in October

    Join the Master Gunner at midday on the Parade Ground, where he’ll give you a flavour of the Castle’s dramatic and distinguished past. Beware though, that you may be recruited into the battalion and put though your paces in military drill, before being marching to the Cockpit to prepare the signal gun for firing at 1pm. The Master Gunner may be found in the Lower Ward or on the Green from 2pm, demonstrating his expertise with the renowned ‘Brown Bess’ flintlock musket. Be prepared to cover your ears!


    To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you call the Castle before you visit to check on the day’s performance times. Tel: 01534 723971.




    Ensign Davis

    A stickler for formality, our resident Junior Officer will ensure that you are put through your paces in military drill around the Castle’s magnificent Parade Ground. He will ensure that your manner and demeanour are nothing less than that of an English gentleman, and no soldier will fall foul of their duty to His Majesty King George III. The wit of this Officer is sharp, so beware any recruits who haste to make joke or comment in his presence or else you may find yourself put on a charge!


    Gunner Coom

    This sharp-eyed Gunner is not one to reckon with. Gunner Coom will ensure your backs are straight, your chins are high, and bellies are tucked-in as you stand to attention on the expanse of the Castle’s Parade Ground. Delight in the storytelling of Gunner Coom, who will enlighten you into the tales and mysteries of bygone times at the Castle, from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I through to the Battle of Jersey 1781.


    Gunner Gilly

    Mind your ears! Imagine the enemy is about to overwhelm the Castle as the terrific force of the signal gun is fired, echoing across St. Aubin’s Bay.Gunner Gilly’s intrigue into the consequences of battlefield injuries will have you on the edge of your seat.


    Gunner Blake

    Gunner Blake will delight you with tales of his mother’s Jersey Bean Crock among other local delicacies, as he unravels the niches of Jersey culture. His skilled gunnery will ensure you learn how to load the signal gun in a way which will pack a punch when fired! Even the most slothenly matross will be put to hard work ensuring the gun is packed-hard and fired on time with Gunner Blake.