Visitor Centre

At Jersey Museum & Art gallery

The Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Visitor Centre introduces the story of Jersey’s geological heritage and is the Island hub for information on exploring Jersey to see first-hand how geology has shaped and influenced the Island we know today.

Sponsored by Saltgate.

Scroll down to listen to the Island Sounds soundscape and to watch the Island Life Underwater films.

Island Sounds

L’Île Fait la Vie

As an Island shaped by time and tide, Jersey has a unique playlist. The music playing here is made up of sounds recorded around the Island. Listen. Êcoutez. What can you hear? Can you pick out all the different sounds?


Soundscape by Sam Hills.

What are you listening to?

Sea waves and weather ambience from multiple locations, including: Green Island, Bouley Bay and Anne Port.

Harbour ambience from Gorey Harbour

Cave ambience from La Corbière

Farm ambience from Oakwood Farm (St Mary) and Les Cotiles Farm (Trinity)*

Farm animal noises from Oakwood Farm (St Mary) and Les Cotiles Farm (Trinity)*

Chruch bells from St Nicholas Chruch (St Clement)

Birds at Val de la Mare Reservoir

Molluscs at Green Island at low-tide

Seagulls at Green Island

Waterfall from Bouley Bay and Plemont

Fishing boat noises in St Helier Marina **

Jèrriais pâle entouor la fèrméthie en Jèrri – talks in Jèrriais about farming in Jersey ***

Sweeping at Les Cotils Farm (Trinty)****

Waxing a surfboard in St Clement

Fire crackling in St Clement

Clock chiming in St Clement

Footsteps in St Clement

Traffic in St Clement


* Sound by Time Le Gresley and Mick Binet

** Sound by Josh Dearing The Jersey Catch

** Sound by Winston Le Brun

**** Sound by Mick Binet

History of Geotourism

L'Histouaithe du Géotourisme

Watch this video to see how people explored our Island in the past and how you can explore Jersey today. The video runs for 6 minutes 25 seconds. Film by Submarine Creative.

Island Life Underwater

La vie d’l’Île souos l’ieau

Many Islanders have seen dolphins or seals around Jersey but what else lives beneath the surface? In Jersey, our seascape has lots of different types of seaweed that provide homes for some amazing creatures. The seagrass, kelp forests and maerl beds around the Island also all absorb blue carbon which help mitigate global climate change. Check out what happened when a few of these creatures got captured on camera by Samantha Blampied using some tasty bait just above the seabed. Watch Èrgardez this fantastic footage of cuttlefish, catsharks, stingrays and tope.

The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is working to learn more about the Island’s seascape. Learn more about their Jersey project and other work on their website.