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Edmund Blampied - Pencil, paint and print

Edmund Blampied - Pencil, paint and print -›

In 2014 Jersey Heritage bought eight sketchbooks by Edmund Blampied. These sketchbooks have revealed some of Blampied’s working methods and favourite subjects. In this exhibition we display these sketches alongside finished paintings and prints, showing Blampied’s process from start to finish.

Link Gallery Exhibitions

Link Gallery Exhibitions -›

The Link Gallery hosts a rolling programme of local artists exhibiting their latest work. These exhibitions are always free to access.

Bergerac’s Island - Jersey in the 1980s

Bergerac’s Island - Jersey in the 1980s -›

The 1980s were an amazing decade. It was a decade of huge contrasts. There was lots of greed and selfishness and widening gap between the rich and poor, but at the same time, people took action to help look after the planet and each other.This exhibition looks at how we felt about what was happening in the world and Jersey in the 1980s.

Farming Families

Farming Families -›

Farming has always been a family business. Hamptonne Country Life Museum stands in the rural heart of the Island where many farms have been run by the same family for generations.

Retro Games Days

Retro Games Days -›

Do you remember Space invaders, Operation, Guess Who and the first edition of Trivial Pursuit? Do your children have no idea what these things are?