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Jersey Stories of Immigration

Exhibition preview of People Make Jersey - Our stories of immigration

Migrant labour in Jersey 1890-1935 film

A Prosperous Island: past, present and future

The Story of Jersey

Musical entertainment from our costumed history interpreters

Find out about the 700 million year old story of Jersey granite

Discover the Jersey Heritage art collection  - NEW CONTENT ONLINE

A short story of the 6th century Saint Helier, told by Islanders all called Helier

Story of the Jersey cow breed in Africa helping families out of poverty

The Battle of Jersey

Earsay film - An inspiring outreach project with young people from Earsay

Five minute reads


Jersey Stories of Immigration

People Make Jersey - OUr Stories of Immigration

Outreach Curator Lucy Layton will introduce the history of our Island’s immigration, and give you a preview of the some of the stories from our People Make Jersey exhibition which will be on display at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery once it re-opens to the public.

Economically Dependent: Migrant labour in Jersey 1890-1935

Seen through the photographs of the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive Economic migrants began arriving in Jersey in the 1820s, initially to fill gaps in the labour market produced by large construction projects. With the development of the new potato market in the 1850s and the take up of the Royal Fluke (Jersey Royal) variety in the 1870s, thousands of workers were now also needed to work a short 6-8 week season.

Since then Jersey has largely been economically dependent on migrant labour to fill skilled short term positions that the key industries of agriculture, tourism, finance and construction have required. In this exhibition we take a look at some of the earliest photographic records of migrant labourers in Jersey 1890-1935.

Originally intended to be a physical exhibition in the Link Gallery at Jersey Museum, we have adapted the display to a suitable format for the circumstances.

A Prosperous Island: past, present and future

Virtual version of the gallery in the Story of Jersey exhibition at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery. The people of Jersey have proven themselves to be shrewd, hard-working, adaptable and forward-thinking. This, along with a degree of good fortune, has created extended periods of economic buoyancy during the Island’s history.  Sponsored by Jersey Finance.

Art on the Easel

We invited local artists to talk about selected works, here you can discover the stories behind Jersey's famous artworks.

For more like this visit Jersey Heritage TV.

Sam Carney on Elizabeth Castle by Samuel Austin

Annette Lowe and Louise Downie on The Race Meeting on Grouville Common by Philip Ouless

Juanita Shield-Laignel on The Passion of St Helier by the twentieth-century painter Frederick Sands (1916 – 1992).

The Battle of Jersey

Battle of Jersey Stop Motion

See how the Battle of Jersey began, who was involved, where it happened and who won!

Battle of Jersey timelapse

Members of the public create a tableau of Copley's famous painting 'The Death of Major Peirson'.

Mrs Fiott's Musket Ball

Discover the story of Mrs Fiott and the story of the musket ball which struck her as she watched the Battle from her window.

The Story of Jersey

Sit back and watch the Story of Jersey with our 20 minute film which traces Jersey's heritage through the ages.

Music from our sites


Stories of Jersey Granite

Jersey's geology is fascinating - it is unique to the Island, it is unique to the Channel Islands and it's unique internationally. The rocks in Jersey were formed long before life began.  Find out about the 700 million year old story of Jersey granite.

A Jersey Lily

Lillie Langtry was a famous Victorian beauty. Here, Louise Downie talks about Millais’ portrait of her – and its botanical mistake!  Click here to watch this short video.

The story of St Helier

A short story of the 6th century Saint Helier, told by Islanders all called Helier.

A Jersey Cow

Our world-famous Jersey cow was developed as a breed in the 19th century. But did you know that in Africa today, the Jersey breed is helping families out of poverty?  This film featured in our 'Jersey Reaches Out – 50 years of overseas aid’ exhibition in 2018. Film credit:  BBC


Filmed a few years ago, this short film was the result of a really inspiring outreach project with young people from Earsay, a Jersey charity for the deaf and hearing-impaired. With thanks to George, Ella, Heather, Christopher and Joe.

Five minute reads


Looking back to the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade, this Heritage Magazine article from 2006 has the then Head of Community Learning, Doug Ford, explaining that while Jersey and Guernsey were not directly involved, Channel Islands merchants and ships did profit from the transportation of human cargoes across the Atlantic.  Read it here.

St Helier Sculpture Trail

Starting at the Jersey Museum, Louise Downie dons her best walking shoes for a tour of the sculptural variety to be discovered in St Helier.  Read it here.

The La Cloche Family

Linda Romeril delves into fascinating details of over 500 years of one family's history deposited with the Jersey Archive. Read it here.

‘My Dear Mary Ann’ letters to Gaspé

Historian Jane Edwards examines family letters from Jersey to Canada that paint a picture of life in Jersey in the late 19th century.  Read it here.

Marcel Moore – her art and life

Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore were stepsisters, lovers and artistic collaborators who came together through their artistic creativity and a shared passion for books and art. Whilst Cahun is better known, Moore was equally talented, as Louise Downie reveals.  Read it here.