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Welcome to La Fête du R'nouvé online!

This is our very first virtual event, there’s music, yoga, story-telling, arts and crafts, dancing, bushcrafts and Jersey wonder making all planned for today.

We’d love to see you taking part, so please post pictures on our social media channels or email us so we can see and share your arts, crafts and dancing!

Sponsored by Islands and co-hosted with Jersey Biodiversity Centre and L’Office du Jérriais,

welcome to La Fête du R'nouvé online from Community Events Curator Nicola Lucas


Ever wondered why the team at Jersey are so fit - we are laughing! We always start the week with in house sessions from Megan from hot pod yoga and then with lovely Laura from Sun and Moon Yoga on a Thursday and on a Saturday morning at La Hougue Bie under the trees during the warmer months.

We are so missing these two ladies - they keep us sane and supple. Laura is currently isolated in New Zealand but that hasn't stopped her from spreading the love. Join in now if you fancy winding down or come back tomorrow morning for a gentle wake up.

Please send pics of your tree, mountain or warrior poses to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage


Here we’ve created a 20 minute compilation of tunes for you to enjoy. Thanks to the following musicians who appear in this video for sharing their talent with us.

Verity Le Brun – a brilliant musician and colleague at Jersey Heritage. Verity is happy to teach violin, viola, piano and general music to anyone of any age, just contact her through her Facebook page.

Mark Sims - Mark Sims was due to start his new life in Jersey with his family. He's already created a musical life here on the rock performing his 'Jersey songs' in venues around the Island.

Rui Figuerido - Show some love for dear Rui Figuerido. Not only is he brilliant at his day job he also plays a mean acoustic guitar. You may have seen him playing a Portuguese Fado set at a previous Fête du R’nouvé with singer Abel Sagadu, it's always a highlight to watch them.

James Perchard - James had been away travelling for an extended period and was living in Australia when the pandemic hit. James is the front man from Electric Brick and filmed himself from his Sydney balcony hours before managing to get on a flight back home to Jersey at the beginning of April.

How about making up your own Jersey song with your family. Film the results if you're feeling brave and email to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

We always put together a playlist for La Fête du R'nouvé that sums up the laid back atmosphere of the event. Just imagine that you’re laying in the grass in the sunshine with your friends, in the beautiful surroundings of La Hougue Bie.  You can access our Spotify playlist here.

Here's a video montage from Lee Allison aka El Musico for you to enjoy. Lee was born in Jersey and was taught to play guitar by his father when he was five years old - he hasn't put it down since. He said 'I love to travel and I've picked up all styles of differen music from around the world. I recently turned my hand to the clascial guitar and have been studying it for around five years. I love playing Spanish Romantic music, Samba, Bossa Nova and pretty much anything that has a Latin vibe!!'


Instagram ElMusicoJSY

You may have heard the multi-talented Naomi Refault West playing her flute at La Fête du R’nouvé last year, seen her dancing with Extinction Rebellion or listened to her story telling. There's a song sheet should you wish to learn the song and sing along with her- obviously we'd love you to film yourselves once you are proficient (or even if you're not) and send us them at or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

Eddie Laffoley is our sound man at La Fête du R’nouvé and La Faîs’sie d’Cidre. Here's his beautiful rendition of Elvis' Suspicious minds - filmed in blue, obviously inspired by the bluebells that carpet the ground at La Hougie Bie during this time of year.

This is Ashley and Rohena West, father and sister of Naomi West who lives in Jersey, playing Haste to the Wedding, Lark in the morning and Tenpenny bit from their home in Borehamwood. Rohena has been playing the fiddle since she was seven and Ashley plays both fiddle and bodhran sith with the band Wraggle Taggle alongside banjo legend Mick O'Connor. Usually Naomi plays with them. Please share your moves with us should you have some fancy footwork.

We are loving Andrew Holt's Lockdown Blues.He's made the guitar himself out of scrap wood and a cigar box. There’s a long history of them in America, going back to the Civil War when people couldn’t afford instruments - there's some inspiration for you!

Here is Rui Figuerido again playing some Portuguese Fado music. Incase you're wondering - the unusually shaped guitar that Rui is playing in the film is a 12 stringed guitarra portuguesa which is iconically associated with Fado. The strings are strung in six courses of two strings and is one of the few musical instruments that still uses Preston tuners. Jersey Heritage highly recommend that you have a listen to some Fado online. 

Food for Thought

Is there anything lovelier than a Jersey Wonder? Here Collette Labey shares her wonderful wonder making tips with you but she’s not letting us in on her secret ingredient (and who can blame her) so you’ll have to guess that one. Let us know how successful your wonder making turns out to be, make your own video

Don't worry if they turn out terribly,  just message Collette in advance via The Jersey Wonderer Facebook page and follow her cute directions for pick up!

The lovely folk at Beresford Street Kitchen had been hard at work before the lockdown, preparing for the opening of new Edwardian cafe at La Hougue Bie and of course La Fête du R’nouvé. BSK will be such a welcome addition to an already beautiful site.

The BSK Chocolate Brownie Recipe

300g dark chocolate

150g unsalted butter

50g cocoa powder

4 large eggs

200g caster sugar



1.heat oven to 180c and line a baking tin

2. Break up dark chocolate in a bowl, place bowl over a pan of simmering water until chocolate melts

3. Remove from heat, sift in cocoa powder and mix well.

4. Whisk eggs in another bowl, add sugar and keep whisking until fluffy.

5. Fold the chocolate into the egg mixture

6. Pour mixture into the lined tin and bake for 20 to 25 mins, until firm to touch.

7. Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin.

8. Once chilled cut and serve or store in a cake tin for later.

Nurture Nature with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre

Bumblebees are buzzing around at this time of year if you have pollinator friendly plants around your home. To identify buff-tailed bumblebee workers, you need to look for their white/buff ended abdomen and a yellow band before their thorax (which is the middle section of the bee), they then have one last strip just before their head. Common carder bumblebee workers are all ginger.

In Jersey we have two subspecies for these bumblebees: Buff-tailed bumblebee Bombus terrestris subspecies terrestris sensu stricto and common carder bumblebee Bombus pascuorum subspecies flavidus.

The Jersey Biodiversity Centre collects biological records of all things natural history for the island. They help people with their identification and hold events and workshops on natural history throughout the year. You can contribute by adding sightings to the website or using the app iRecord.

There are loads of worms in your garden, and here the Jersey Biodiversity Centre helps you understand the worms in your garden. Learn how to pick them up safely, tell their head from their bottom and discover what the ‘saddle’ is.

These two delightful films on the folklore of daisies and buebells have been filmed especially for La Fête du R’nouvé this year.

Tina Hull (hons) read Botany at Durham University and has a particular interest in how plants are adapted to their environment and how their chemistry is reflected in their scientific and folk uses. She is a Bronze Badge Tourist Guide and records plant distribution data both for the Société Jersiaise and the Jersey Biodiversity Centre.

How about using your daily 2 hours of exercise to take a wild flower walk? Here we identify the wild flowers which grown in our lanes. See how many you can identify.

Want to nurture some more nature? Take a look at our Butterflies and Bees activity sheets below or download and print them here.

Fun and Fleas – Family Entertainment

We just LOVE this video made especially for Jersey Heritage from the delightful Kydd De la Mare from Sita's Circus. They have put together a load of ideas for you to have fun with at home that should keep your family occupied for some time.

Jersey Heritage would love to see what you come up with after being inspired by Sita's Circus. Please send your videos or pics to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

Royston's been responsible for keeping children (and adults) entertained at The Cider Festival for as long as we can remember.

This is the first time that we've had the pleasure of his flea circus at La Fête du R’nouvé. How easy do you think it would be to train your own fleas if you are lucky enough to have some? Have a look online for inspiration - if you do make your very own flea circus we'd LOVE to see it in action!

Send your pictures and videos to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

It’s story time

Paul has inadvertently become the face of La Fête du R’nouvé. Visitors to the festival seek him out and generally find him around the fire place weaving stories together from folkore and his own imagination - captivating audiences of all ages.

Illustrator Jacques Le Breton has beautifully captured one of Paul's creations, taking inspiration from the Neolithic Longhouse to illustrate a story of hope and renewal.

We hope that you'll be inspired to write your own spring story, long or short please send them to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage


Here's Charlie Le Maistre from L'Office Du Jèrriais telling the story of The Dragon of La Hougue Bie in Jèrriais.. If you want to see the story in English, then take a look at animation below.

Download our dragon colouring here.

Geraint Jennings is the Offici pouor la Promotion du Jèrriais / Jèrriais Promotion Officer at Jersey Heritage. It's likely that you've seen Geraint and his crapaud at the Cider Festival or Bachîn ringing at La Fête du R’nouvé last year - here he is reciting a Jèrriais poem entitled La preunmié rose du R'nouvé,

The first rose of Spring. Are you interested in learning Jèrriais or would like to know more about it? Head over to L'Office du Jèrriais website or contact email

How good the first rose of Spring smells

and how lovely it is;

Just as sweet is the girl

that I trust one day to have.

One finds around the rose

thorns to defend it;

modesty is something

that guards attractions better.

The first rose is hopefulness,

it opens the fine season;

in my love I have confidence,

it's founded on reason.

One sees around the rose,

to replace it, buds;

around my lovely I dare one day

to hope to see offshoots.

Thank you to Poet and artist Linda Rose Parkes for taking part in La Fête du R’Nouvé this year. This poem is the opening piece in her fourth collection 'This Close' published by Dempsey and Windle, UK. Linda says 'In our street there is a yellow door. This became, in the poem, the metaphor for welcome and refuge, and at the same time, a central image for what art can be especially in times of trouble and pain.

You may recognise Zina Romano as the Good Wyf from Hamptonne Country Life Museum - delighting visitors with her knowledge of herbs, their use as remedies and old wives lore. Currently people are looking to the land for inspiration and the benefits it has to offer; for example plantain is an excellent remedy for insect bites…it’s also a better application to ease nettle stings. Here she is reciting a favourite poem from John Knight written in 2009 that will undoubtedly inspire you to learn more.

Crafty ideas

Anna Renouf is the lovely artist behind Wonderlands, a boutique design studio specialising in creating visual wonderlands for clients Anna created the beautiful decoartions adorning the trees and the stage area at La Fête du R’nouvé last year. She was all set to do this for us this year, but plans have changed so here is a delightful instruction video from Anna especially for Jersey Heritage .

We guarantee that once you've learned how to make one tassel you will not be able to stop. If you don't have any wool what can you use instead…string, strips of fabric?

We'd love to see pics of your creations - please email or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

Artist Kerry-Jane Warner has created these two crafts especially for La Fête du R’nouvé this year. Both crafts will need some time spent on them, but you can come back to them over time and the results will be worth it.

This is a time to be resourceful - you may not have some of the materials that Kerry-Jane has used so have a good think - what can you use instead? What if you don't have green paint, do have a different colour, do you have green crayons, and can you cut out bits of green from a magazine and stick them on instead.

Remember that your creations don't have to look exactly like everyone else's, listen to your own imagination and do what makes you feel happy. People please send in pics of your creations to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

Forest school

Stephen is a naturalist, forest school and Bushcraft leader who currently runs his own small business called Wild Days that focuses on outdoor wild play, exploration and wellbeing.

He's been a regular contributor to La Fête du R’nouvé since the beginning in 2006, catch his Wild Play Day activities at Hamptonne under the trees in the orchard again this summer - we'll hopefully be back to a new normal by then.

Don’t forget to send some pictures of your creations to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

Get your dancing shoes on!

We last danced together with the Jersey Lilies back in January at Hamptonne for the Wassail. Obviously they are gutted not to be welcoming in the season of renewal with us in the beautiful surroundings of La Hougue Bie today, but that's all the more reason to jump up and learn these steps so we can dance them together in the future.

Please email videos of your fancy footwork to or put them on your facebook and Instagram pages, don’t forget to tag us @jerseyheritage

And let’s not forget the Spring blessing.

Thank you for supporting our Island story.

With your help, Jersey’s heritage can continue to be shared and enjoyed by everyone.